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The Celestial Butterfly

Peppermint + Spirulina

Peppermint + Spirulina

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An aromatic revitalizing emulsifying sugar scrub. Design to sooth and relax the body and calm the skin. Amazing for usage after long work days or for self care days


A luxurious blend of exfoliating sugar crystals and rich, nourishing ingredients. Our scrubs gently buffs away dead skin cells, leaving your skin feeling incredibly smooth and radiant. Pamper yourself with this delightful treat for your skin, revealing a renewed glow with each use.


Recommended for all skin types. We hand package each jar individually & sage them. We send love & prosperity to you all 


Two key ingredients PEPPERMINT & SPIRULINA 


Peppermint has been doing wonders for the body & skin for eons. It has a charismatic scent that illuminates any room. It naturally relaxes the mind & body from tension. Has amazing antibacterial properties especially for acne and inflamed skin. It soothe irritated or itchy skin. Helps prevent excessive oil build ups on skin.


Spirulina is a collagen production agent. Amazing for tightening the skin and eliminating toxins from the body & skin. It has anti aging and anti inflammatory properties that are super beneficial for phycocyanin. This helps activate cellular activity to help fight against free radicals.



♥ Exfoliate away dead skin cells, dirt & oil buildup off skin

♥ Prevent ingrown hairs

♥ Promote smoother, more radiant complexion 

♥ Hydrates and nourish the skin 

♥ Leaves your skin feeling refreshed, polished, and moisturized


Size: 8oz

Shelf Life: 9-12months

Scent : peppermint 


Sugar, Coconut oil, Foaming Whip Base, Spirulina Powder, Peppermint Extract, Peppermint Essential Oil, Vitamin E, Vegetable Glycerin, Aloe Vera Butter

How to use

  • Apply small amount into hand gently massage scrub on to desired area of wet/saturated skin
  • Exfoliate the dead skin cells away in circular motion, be gentle
  • Rinse scrub off thoroughly 
  • Lumps of scrub can be smooth out with water & rubbing palm of hands together until lotion like texture
  • Store in a shady cool dry area

Be sure to have a tub drain strainer to catch the dried botanicals


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