About Us

🦋 It was once a thought that manifested into reality 🦋

The Celestial Butterfly came about from a simple thought, that manifested into reality. The founder always been in service to others but wanted to do more for females/males. Our skin is the essence to our story. She wanted all females & males to have that potent, luminous radiant glow inside out. That divine nourishment from natural ingredients that's in the heart of nature. Prima’s Boutique is a black owned small business created by a young adult, who suffered from acne, discoloration and highly sensitive skin. She's also the founder & CEO of this brand. She designed her own formula that's gentle & soothing to the skin. Before creating her own website she had family & friends test out her work. They too all had their own skin conditions, but seen tremendous results & loved what she created. From there that was the start of a new beginning!

The Celestial Butterfly is more than just your regular boutique. It’s an awakening to your higher self. This brand was created for all women to feel the connection of the divine from within. All women are beautiful! All women are goddesses ! Your womb is the source of creation your skin & body is the essence of your being. Prima’s Boutique was design for women to enjoy self care days every day ! Everything is 100% RAW ALL NATURAL no extra or added chemicals. 100% true to nature ingredients ,handmade with love & diligence. Bask in the beauty of unclogged pores, balanced skin & hydrating benefits💕


As females we sometimes forget to nurture our body, womb & skin the natural way. Today in modern society technology is the route most people take for acne, skin blemishes, infertility etc . Your skin , womb & body needs a radiation detox along with a chemical detox. This brand is to detoxify your skin. To restore your body , skin & womb to it’s natural state. When your skin & body is in it’s natural state , you’ll shine like the sun so radiant & vibrant. You’ll be a magnet to all of nature’s beautiful gifts. When your womb is in it natural state ... not only will you become fertile but you’ll be reconnected to your womb. You will feel her , breathe her & understand her. 



There’s so much more we have to offer you goddesses !! Bath salts , body butters , body shimmers , facial mask, rose face oil , foaming body scrubs , sugar scrubs & much more magickal products! Enjoy the blissful journey my QUEENS ! Asé