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The Celestial Butterfly

Palo Santo

Palo Santo

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Palo Santo also known as " Holy Wood " is from a sacred tree in South America. Shamans used this powerful herb for its calming properties and ability to purify energy from any space ( ward off evil spirits ) or ( up lift the energy ).

This practice is called smudging, not only does this herb clear negative energy. It also purifies and attracts positive energy to you. Just the distinctive aroma alone can bring high vibrational healing ,soothing and calmness

Recommend smudging 2-3 times a week or as needed.


3 pack

Shelf Life: 18-36months


Holy wood ( Palo Santo )

How to use

Home Smudging 

  • Clean the home from top to bottom
  • Close all the windows
  • Set your intentions 
  • Smudge the home with fire proof container to catch the droppings
  • Make sure to get all corners of the home
  • Once home is smoked out to your desire, open all the windows to Release all unwanted energy
  • ( optional ) shower after to rinse off any left over energy on you 

Self Smudging 

  • Set your intentions
  • Smudge yourself after a long heavy day with fire proof container to catch droppings
  • Start from top to bottom
  • Let the smoke circulate all around your body 
  • Take a shower to rinse the day off you
  • Smudge yourself one more time from top to bottom again letting the smoke circulate around your cleanse body

Objects Smudging 

  • Set your intentions example ( I cleanse this crystal from all past owners & anyone whom have touched it )
  • Go around the object letting the smoke touch it
  • Have fire proof container to catch droppings


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