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The Celestial Butterfly

Aura Cleanse

Aura Cleanse

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Since the beginning of our births we've had an electromagnetic force that surrounds our entire being. It's a bright light with a variation of colors, also shaped like an egg This energy is called your Aura Field, all living things have one ( humans, animals & plants ). This energy field is invisible to the naked eye but can be seen during an aura reading.


Our aura fields consist of seven layers that are all associated with our 7 chakras. Just as we have to be grounded and protective of our physical body, we must be grounded and protective of our energetic body.


Our aura fields are like a magnet that pulls in & repels against the energy that surrounds us. It's very vital we keep our aura field cleansed whether it's through smudging or bathing.


For example if your stressed out , lack of energy or just in an overly stressful environment. Your aura will become weakened you'll feel unaligned & prone to having a negative outlook on things.


When your auric field is strong, you'll feel burst of energy, more happier and energized.  Aligned with your purpose, making healthier decisions and having a more positive outlook.


MAIN THREE: White Sage, Chamomile, Peppermint Essential Oil

How to use

Always smudge & cleanse the area/room you will be creating your sacred space in.

ஐ Take a shower first to clean your body ( this is not a regular bubble bath )

ஐ Wipe down the tub

ஐ Run your bath water ( as the bath water is running smudge your area once more with sage or palo santo going over the water as well. Make sure to have a fire proof container for droppings )

ஐ Light a incense and candles

ஐ Add florida water ( optional )

ஐ Add any essential oil ( optional )

ஐ Add sea salt or himalaya salt or both

ஐ Add flowers ( optional )

ஐ Add lemon or lime ( optional )

ஐ Set your intentions over your water , you can also pray over your water ( do what is drawn to you )

ஐ You can meditate, enjoy with some soothing music or whatever you desire

Once finish release the energy into the drain.


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