Spiritual Baths

Always smudge & cleanse the area/room you will be creating your sacred space in.

ஐ Take a shower first to clean your body ( this is not a regular bubble bath )

ஐ Wipe down the tub

ஐ Run your bath water ( as the bath water is running smudge your area once more with sage or palo santo going over the water as well. Make sure to have a fire proof container for droppings )

ஐ Light a incense and candles

ஐ Add florida water ( optional )

ஐ Add any essential oil ( optional )

ஐ Add sea salt or himalaya salt or both

ஐ Add flowers ( optional )

ஐ Add lemon or lime ( optional )

ஐ Set your intentions over your water , you can also pray over your water ( do what is drawn to you )

ஐ You can meditate, enjoy with some soothing music or whatever you desire

Once finish release the energy into the drain.