Cleansing Wands

Home Smudging 

  • Clean the home from top to bottom
  • Close all the windows
  • Set your intentions 
  • Smudge the home with fire proof container to catch the droppings
  • Make sure to get all corners of the home
  • Once home is smoked out to your desire, open all the windows to Release all unwanted energy
  • ( optional ) shower after to rinse off any left over energy on you 

Self Smudging 

  • Set your intentions
  • Smudge yourself after a long heavy day with fire proof container to catch droppings
  • Start from top to bottom
  • Let the smoke circulate all around your body 
  • Take a shower to rinse the day off you
  • Smudge yourself one more time from top to bottom again letting the smoke circulate around your cleanse body

Objects Smudging 

  • Set your intentions example ( I cleanse this crystal from all past owners & anyone whom have touched it )
  • Go around the object letting the smoke touch it
  • Have fire proof container to catch droppings