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The Celestial Butterfly

Warm Vanilla Sugar Crystal Body Bundle

Warm Vanilla Sugar Crystal Body Bundle

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Indulge in a complete self-care experience with the Warm Vanilla Sugar Crystal Body Bundle. Whether you're pampering yourself or seeking a thoughtful gift, this collection promises to envelop your skin in decadence, leaving it hydrated, nourished, and exquisitely scented with the irresistible aroma of warm vanilla. This bundle is Limited Edition comes with 3 products warm vanilla body oil, body butter and foaming sugar scrub. 


4oz Body Oil: Infused with the delightful essence of warm vanilla, this body oil is a lightweight yet deeply hydrating elixir. Enriched with nourishing ingredients, it absorbs effortlessly into the skin, leaving it velvety smooth and radiantly soft. The vanilla fragrance gently lingers, creating a delightful sensory experience


8oz Body Butter: Indulge your skin in this rich and creamy body butter. Infused with the enchanting scent of warm vanilla, it's formulated to deeply moisturize and nourish the skin. Packed with shea butter, essential oils, and other hydrating ingredients, it provides long-lasting hydration, leaving the skin supple and beautifully scented.

8oz Foaming Sugar Scrub: This luxurious scrub combines the exfoliating prowess of sugar crystals with the cleansing action of a foaming formula. Gently buff away dull, dry skin while enjoying the comforting fragrance of warm vanilla. As the sugar scrub transforms into a foamy lather, it deeply cleanses, leaving your skin refreshed and rejuvenated.



Soy wax , essential oil , moldavite salt crystals, pink heather flowers, blue corn flower, zodiac pendant

How to use

 Place candle on a heat resistant surface and away from anything that can catch fire.

Avoid burning candles in drafty areas to prevent uneven burning.

Do not burn the candle for more than 4hours at a time.

Allow the candle to cool and solidify before relighting. 

Keep the candle within sight and away from drafts or flammable objects.

Do not leave a burning candle unattended.

Always put out the candle using a snuffer or by gently blowing it out. Do not use water to extinguish a candle.


Failure to follow these instructions could result in fire hazard, injury, or property damage. Use caution when handling lit candles

Use candles responsibly & at your own risk.The Celestial Butterfly is not liable for anymisuse or accidents related to the use of thisproduct.


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